FrontRow adds an interactive mobile experience for live events.


Followers can post comments directly to the feed and share favourite moments with friends.


Viewers can observe from multiple camera angles and instantly switch between feeds without missing a second of action.


Fans can play back content at their own pace and explore scenes that are most important to them.

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We provide an END to END solution for recording events from multiple perspectives

FrontRow Bringing Events To Life

The SapphireView FrontRow consists of a intricate multi-camera system that simultaneously records practices, games, or events. The multiple angles captures every piece of detail no action will be missed any given time.



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With Frontrow, there are no limits to how many cameras or angles (barring installation) a venue can have.

Cutting-edge technology tracks movements of all athletes and displays focus on the best angle perspective.

Fully automated to start recording and stop, or with a simple push of a button. Scrub through videos to extract the most important parts and create highlight reels. No editing necessary.


Video AI Experience

Enhancing live events with AI technology. We focus on making video experiences more beneficial for the user.



Creating more interactive ways to watch videos, making more dynamic viewing experiences.


Putting your passions into video and creating more options to show them.



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SapphireView is taking the Pacific Northwest by storm and raising the sports industry standards in both professional and amateur sports.


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